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Gov’t schools hire 40 new teachers

Dozens of new specialist teachers and teaching assistants have been hired for Cayman Islands public schools and about 10 more are due to be hired, Education Minister Tara Rivers told the Legislative Assembly Friday [...] CONTINUE READING

Schools conference focuses on math

Education officials are putting a renewed focus on math education in Cayman’s schools.
Addressing Cayman’s entire public school teaching body at the annual education conference at Clifton Hunter, Friday, Education Minister Tara Rivers said improving numeracy skills was the next major priority for the school system [...] CONTINUE READING

Women’s Day celebration features talk on gender issues

In keeping with this year’s theme, “Be Bold for Change,” the Family Resource Centre of the Department of Counselling Services has invited American author Jackson Katz as its keynote speaker [...]

Fun at the forefront for new school behavioral program

Students and staff at West Bay’s Sir John A. Cumber Primary School last week had a kickoff party to mark the launch of a program aimed at reinforcing good behavior.
The new government-backed Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Framework event was attended by Education Minister Tara Rivers and other ministry representatives [...]

Policy credited with better school behaviour

Students in government schools appear to be behaving themselves, according to statistics released by the Department of Education Services (DES). Sharply contradicting perceptions in the community that the schools are in turmoil, with children misbehaving at every turn, the number of infractions has fallen dramatically. During 2015, 324 children were excluded from John Gray High School, which has a population of around 1,000 students, [...] CONTINUE READING

Pensioners soon able to withdraw more each year

The maximum amount retirees can withdraw from their savings in a private sector pension plan each year will be increased as of early 2017, Employment Minister Tara Rivers announced this week.
Private sector retirees participating in a National Pensions Law-mandated retirement savings plan can currently withdraw a maximum of $12,000 per year, regardless of how much they have saved or their current age [...] CONTINUE READING

Public works starts apprenticeship programme

The government has placed eight boys from the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC) at the Public Works Department on the first of its kind apprenticeship programme. The teenagers will spend eight months working with a master technician in plumbing, electrical installation, air conditioning, painting and carpentry, shadowing their mentors [...] CONTINUE READING

Job programs aim to get Cayman working

The Employment Ministry highlighted a number of new initiatives this week, including a partnership between the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre and the Public Works Department to offer an apprenticeship to students at the school. [...] CONTINUE READING

55 find work through Ready2Work jobs program

A planned $1.7 million back-to work program for the unemployed has cost less than 5 percent of the amount budgeted after the majority of employers turned down government’s offer to pay salaries for risky new hires.
Tasha Ebanks Garcia, deputy chief officer in the Ministry of Employment and Education, said the actual spending equated to $700 per person, roughly $80,000 in total.
“For $700, we have 55 people now employed and another 56 in training and recruitment programs on their way to employment,” she said [...] CONTINUE READING

55 people in jobs via Ready2Work

From over 100 participants in the government’s newest job placement scheme, just half of them have been placed in jobs so far and only half of those have permanent positions. There are 55 people who have been placed with employers through the Ready2Work initiative, with just 23 in long-term work and the rest in short-term posts. Another 56 people who signed up for the scheme are still in training and development, with almost 10% of the entire group struggling with barriers that prevent them from taking part[...] CONTINUE READING

Fewer sign up this year for Christmas cleanup work

More than 300 people turned up at the Lions Community Centre on Wednesday looking for Christmas work under a government-sponsored program. Last year, more than 700 people signed up for temporary work under the National Community Enhancement Project. CONTINUE READING

New plan to deal with school disorder

Cayman’s public schools are adopting a new U.S.-style management system to deal with disorderly behavior in class. The Positive Behavior Intervention System, used in about a quarter of American schools, is essentially a management framework for ensuring a consistent approach to school discipline. CONTINUE READING

Funding approved for 50 new public school positions

Cabinet has approved additional funding for 50 new posts across the public school system, Education Minister Tara Rivers announced Wednesday. The new personnel, a mix of teachers, behavioral support staff and literacy and numeracy specialists, will work primarily with students with special educational needs. CONTINUE READING

West Bay youngsters spread sunshine

Brownies and Rainbows from Sir John A. Cumber Primary School recently did their part for their community, hosting a tea party for West Bay seniors at the school. The event, now in its 10th year, was held on May 11 at the school’s Shirley Kidd Memorial Hall, and brought smiles all around as the youngsters served refreshments and delicious fare to elderly members of the district. CONTINUE READING

Women celebrate their Passport2Success

After 16 weeks in the Passport2Success program, it was an afternoon of success for the women who graduated from the program’s 19th cohort on April 22. More than 30 guests gathered in the Galleon Ballroom of The Westin resort to show their support in a ceremony for the women. CONTINUE READING

Women’s rights treaty ratified for Cayman

After more than a decade of working toward the goal, the Cayman Islands government announced Tuesday that the United Nations would extend the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women – often referred to as CEDAW – to the Cayman Islands. The request is a formality that will be accepted on March 16 when it is “deposited” with the secretary-general of the United Nations. CONTINUE READING

Preschools closed in new push for standards

Two Cayman Islands preschools have been shut down as a result of new measures aimed at raising standards in early childhood care and education centers. Preschools are now required to follow a new national curriculum for young children and to meet guidelines on health and safety and student-teacher ratios in order to be registered by the Education Council. CONTINUE READING

Financial industry courts talented students

A 12-week career coaching and work experience program is being launched for high-achieving students interested in careers in the financial services industry. The pilot program will involve some 65 professionals from the sector providing one-on-one mentoring sessions with students and hosting weekly workshops on the industry in schools. CONTINUE READING

Gov't committee calls for $6 minimum wage

Almost 6,000 could get raises, but 600 could face layoffs. A committee, after studying wages for more than a year, has recommended a $6 hourly minimum wage for Cayman. The Minimum Wage Advisory Committee report makes exceptions for live-in domestic workers and service workers who get tips. The committee recommended allowing that additional income to make up $1.50 of the hourly wage. CONTINUE READING

New Education Bill: Limitless possibilities for Cayman's children

The pathway toward the positive transformation of our society does not wind through the fields of immigration or even economics, but through the classrooms of our schools. Accordingly, we applaud Education Minister Tara Rivers and counselor Winston Connolly for the publication of the Cayman Islands’ new Education Bill, which is a comprehensive update of the outdated legislation that underpins our country’s education system. CONTINUE READING

Minister promises action on minimum wage

A legally mandated minimum wage for workers in the Cayman Islands will be brought to the Legislative Assembly before the next general election at the latest, employment minister Tara Rivers said Thursday. Announcing the beginning of a period of public consultation on what the minimum hourly rate should be, Ms. Rivers said the committee investigating the issue would finalize its report by February next year. CONTINUE READING

Pay review under way, teachers told

Teachers were told at a meeting Wednesday in advance of the new term that a review of their pay and conditions has been authorized. Education Minister Tara Rivers said her calls for a review had been taken on board by the head of the civil service – Deputy Governor Franz Manderson – who has agreed to “take it forward.” CONTINUE READING

National Internship Program places first intern

The National Workforce Development Agency’s Training and Development Unit partnered with investment fund manager, Prosperity Capital Management Ltd., for the launch of its National Internship Program earlier this year. The Camana Bay-based firm manages about US$3.1 billion and joined the partnership to provide a young Caymanian the opportunity to work and gain hands-on experience with a dynamic fund manager. CONTINUE READING

Education debate: Minister Rivers, you have the floor

Education Minister Tara Rivers’s announcement that she is contemplating a proposal that “will lead to a public-private model of education for the Cayman Islands” is welcome news to us – and we would suspect to most in the Cayman Islands. We applaud Minister Rivers for her boldness in stepping forward to take on in a serious way the largest challenge this country faces. CONTINUE READING

John Gray school will be finished in phases

Construction of the new John Gray High School – abandoned amid a funding crunch – will be completed in phases over the next several years, Education Minister Tara Rivers has revealed. Just over $6 million has been set aside in the current budget for completion of a multi-purpose hall at the site, which Ms. Rivers said could be used for students to sit exams. She described the current John Gray High School as “dilapidated.” CONTINUE READING

More Caymanians in jobs

The number of employed Caymanians grew by 6.1 percent last year despite a shrinking labor force. While the unemployment rate in the Cayman Islands increased from 6.1 to 6.3 percent in 2013 due to a rise in unemployment among non-Caymanians, unemployment among Caymanians declined by over 100 job seekers to an estimated 9.4 percent, according to the latest Labour Force Survey of the Economics and Statistics Office. CONTINUE READING